2019 TEASER is LIVE!!!


AND CURRENT 2019 submissions


2019; Joey Mara and Daniel Silverberg:  out of the content machine that is Waist Deep Media comes the story of a quest SO epic that it is…an Epic Quest. Try to resist, good luck…

2019: From Western Fly Media and Film Fest veteran Eric Berkener comes a story about getting the gang together. Anyone who knows what it is like to have any sort of actual life knows getting together with your best fishing buddies on the river becomes more and more difficult and more and more special over the years……..Make Time for it!

2019: From Funny Feelings and The Fly Fish Journal comes an artful cross-section of living and working in interior British Columbia. We are really excited about this one. Follow the crew as they target Chum Salmon and inland Bull Trout.

 2019: “Smalljawz and Ditchpickles" by Filmmaker Travis Bradford explores the road less traveled during the peak of the Montana fly fishing season: Bass in Idaho!

2019: “Bridging the Gap” is a film from the guys and gals over at TRXSTLE that beckons: lets all have fun out on the river and find connectivity with the people and places around us, because, if not…what’s the point? We are very excited about rolling this out on tour this year!

2019: Semi-Pro Fly Fishing; This wacky, wild, warm-hearted exploration into the less serious side of our sport is sure to put a smile on the faces of the whole family.